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no no fest

a three-days festival around queer practices
at Maison populaire, Montreuil (FR)


with : Sabrina Röthlisberger Belkacem, Bye Bye Binary, Brook pm, Ivan Cheng, Sehyoung Lee, les éditions douteuses & Rotolux press, Brandon Gercara, la Gousse (Cécile Bouffard, Roxanne Maillet, Barbara Quintin), Sin Wai Kin, Modèle vivant·e, Œstrogen par Simone Thiébaut, Out of Closet de Roxanne Maillet, Élodie PetitRequeer & Loup Rivière.

To celebrate the closing of the exhibition the many faced god·dess, Thomas Conchou invites artists and collaborators to invest Maison pop for a three-days festival of queer practices.

Bye Bye Binary

An inclusive typography workshop with Bye Bye Binary: possible imaginaries around an inclusive typography. Writing forms are developing today to better represent the different genders and to go beyond the feminine/masculine binarity, with the use of punctuation marks and hybrid forms such as "iel". The workshop proposes to explore new graphic and typographic forms, in particular the work of new glyphs (letters, ligatures, median points, linking or symbiotic elements).


Modèle vivant·e

A live model drawing session offered by collective Modèle Vivant-e, co-founded by Hélène Fromen and Linda DeMorrir. Modèle Vivant-e wishes to open representational space and generate visibility for dissident bodies thriving out of heteronormativity, and to explore trans and non-binary identities, etc.


Brook pm

Cruiser l'utopie (Crusing Utopia) by Jose Esteban Muñoz, prefaced by Elisabeth Lebovici, translated by Alice Wambergue, edited by Rosanna Puyol and published by her publishing house Brook pm. Round table and interventions by Rosanna Puyol, editor and translator, Caroline Honorien and Pierre Niedergang, researchers.


les éditions douteuses & Rotolux press


Launch of the anthology of Éditions Douteuses, published by Rotolux Press, with Elodie Petit and Marguerin Le Louvier. Elodie Petit and Marguerin Le Louvier write horny, sexual, political poems and self-publish them from their rooms under the common banner of Éditions Douteuses.


la Gousse

(Cécile Bouffard, Roxanne Maillet, Barbara Quintin)

Founded by Barbara Quintin in the kitchen, Cécile Bouffard for illustrations and degustation devices, and Roxanne Maillet for graphic design, La Gousse is a lesbian cooking collective created in the spring of 2020. They return to Maison pop for the no no fest.

Brandon Gercara

Brandon Gercara is a queer artist and activist from the Reunion Island. His work focuses on a critical study of the dynamics of dominations in a post-colonial context. More specifically about participating in the emancipation of sexual diversity and gender plurality of people living in the Reunion Island. For the no no fest, he proposes to perform his work Le lipsync de la pensée, presented as a video within the exhibition the many faced god-dess. Within the framework of performance, Brandon Gercara reactivates the discourses of researchers who work at the crossroads of feminist, queer, and postcolonial studies by drawing inspiration from drag shows and lip sync techniques.

Élodie Petit

In her room, transformed into an anarchist laboratory, Elodie Petit composes poems, drawings and digital hacks under the name of Jack Langue. Her works can be found anywhere, in the toilets of a lesbian bar or the bathroom of a retirement home. Her readings are revolutionary and funny moments where patriarchal institutions are all rigorously destroyed. For the no no fest, she proposes a reinterpretation of Plato's Banquet, accompanied by 6 poets who activate with her the installation produced for the exhibition the many faced god-dess.

Sabrina Röthlisberger Belkacem

Sabrina Röthlisberger presents a reading from her collection of poems LE SANG. In it she evokes both her pain and a dark eroticism. She is concerned with what might be considered a failed life, its completions, its progress and its victories, delivering a poignant description of her decay followed by her slow return to life. She layers her thoughts with the idea of keeping in touch with herself, through the chemical fog of medication. She investigates this strange evil that inhabits her, this body, made mysterious. The words that flow out of this wounded mouth grow like brambles, stinging, aggressive and protective.

Sin Wai Kin

Sin Wai Kin (fka Victoria Sin) uses "speculative fiction in drag performance, moving image, writing and print to refigure attitudes towards gender, sexuality and historical discourses of identity. She is known for her immersive performance and drag work, practices she uses to "interrupt normative processes of desire, identification and objectification.


Œstrogen par Simone Thiébaut

Œstrogen is the new party of Simon-e Thiébaut, music curator and organizer of Parkingstone. Created in October 2015 by Simon-e Thiébaut,  ParkingStone was born out of a desire to highlight an international alternative queer music scene in Paris, while federating an audience of great diversity in an inclusive atmosphere. Behind the programming is a devotion to a broad spectrum of musical styles (ambient, house, gabber...), in order to better cross them and shape a hybrid and singular event. With Œstrogen, Simon-e Thiébaut proposes an event with a trans+fem line up, for the first time at Maison pop with :

Slim Soledad (djset)
Fashion Poon (djset)
Dance Divine (live)
Ttristana (djset)
Cali Rose (djset)


Out of Closet de Roxanne Maillet

A t-shirt silkscreening workshop led by Roxanne Maillet, graphic designer, artist and activist, who proposes to produce hijacked logos on plain t-shirts, in an inclusive perspective, a concern for visibility and emancipation. Between popular education and riot dyke practices, she unfolds a graphic exploration of queer signs of recognition.


Imagined by artist Brandon Gercara, Requeer is a research, socialization, visibilization & archiving platform which aims to bind struggles against all dynamics of domination in Reunion Island. This round-table proposes a contact zone between different bodies, knowledge & practices, inviting the public to collaborate, without hierarchization, to this movement of emancipations and collective awareness.


Ivan Cheng

Ivan Cheng's performances are incomplete, hoped for, struck by absence and failure. They claim a contextual practice, and use his body, textual and sound incantations to question subjectivity. As part of no no fest, he presents Chain 5 (standard stare), an iteration of an ongoing project. Standard stare addresses the infrastructures of desire, and involves various musical collaborations carried by Gailė Griciūtė, Julia Reidy, and Marcus Whale, as well as a sculpture by Mire Lee.


Loup Rivière

armes molles is a dance piece composed as an hommage to the legacy of Wittig's Guerillères. Loup Rivière tells stories of geological lesbians : "They have cocks, clits, hairs on the breasts, breasts under the hairs, cut breasts, virtual breasts, disappeared breasts (...) They say that to fight something is to make of this thing a center. That then, at first, fighting it becomes a habit. Then that this habit becomes a need. They say that if fighting something becomes a need, then you end up needing that thing, making it, practically, a reason for being in the world. They refuse to fight against what they want to get rid of. In order not to remain defenseless, they make soft weapons."


Sehyoung Lee

"Je suis presque de l’eau" is a performance by Sehyoung Lee around duality and complementarity. Inspired by the Korean astrological concept "Saju", it revolves around rain, that penetrates the ground, that rains on reality, rain that wets, descends on the skin and falls on the ground, penetrating the earth and flowing into the sea, merging with other moisture. The current finally reaches another land in the form of a wave, the wave collides and breaks, and then penetrates another land again.



As part of Le bel été solidaire et olympique of Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis and L’été culturel, with the suport of Direction des affaires régionales d’Ile-de-France

photo credits: Margot Montigny
graphic design: Roxanne Maillet

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