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groupshow curated by Le Syndicat Magnifique
from June 19th to 23rd, 2016
at Champ Libre, Pantin (FR)

with Oriane Amghar, Tayeb Bayri, Rémy Brière, Alix Desaubliaux, Mimosa Echard, Quentin Euverte, Etienne François, Damien Gouviez, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Raphaël Moreira Gonçalves, Jonathan Pêpe and Ken Sortais.

Karaoum desert, Turkmenistan. You’re watching the Gate of Hell burn as it has burned for the last forty-five years. After finding n°24, initiate descent. The heat fries you – sweaty hands, sweaty feet. Whoever wishes to enter here, please leave all hope in the cloakroom. Below ground, light is generated through atmo-luminescence. You discover the people of inner earth. You’ve been told about its inhabitants in glowing terms: the esoteric wisdom of the people of Agartha, the powers of the Vril-ya, and the fantastic technology of the Reptilians. The fragrance of the underground flora exalts your senses. Unsteady on your feet, it takes you some time to adapt to the residual gravity. The mysteries of the Underworld still elude you.
Idleness reigns here, thanks to automation and the grind of machines. A techno-shaman sidles up to you and offers you an extra-terrestrial implant. You remain hesitant, although everyone around you seems to have embraced hybridization. You are tempted by the reflections of these synthetic bodies. Telepathic conversations announce that a long celebration is approaching. You catch your reflection in an opal mirror: too late to resurface. Forgetting the above-ground, you sink a little deeper down.
See you later in the void.

photo credits: Thibaud Larrieu-Gibier

graphic design: Jérémy Piningre

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