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The Lure at Sissi club, Marseille (FR)
with Marilou Bal & Josefin Arnell

from April 2nd to May 14th, 2022

The Lure borrows its title from the first feature film by Polish director Agnieszka Smoczyńska, deftly navigating the genres of horror cinema and musical comedy while telling the earthly adventure of two mermaid sisters, Gold and Silver. While one of the sisters confronts the vicissitudes of love and sexual desire, the other struggles with her need to devour human flesh as they are both introduced as singing wonders to the city nightclubs.


Just like the works of Marilou Bal and Josefin Arnell, The Lure remains on the narrow ridge that links seduction and predation, sensuality and monstrosity, passion and pulsion, burlesque and grotesque, while commenting on teenagehood and disentangling practices of femininity from the normalising and misogynistic injunctions that weight on them. Both artists imagine the characters that inhabit their work through sensual experimentations, ranging from gory to cringy, and brought them together as a conversation at Sissi club, in Marseille for the first time. The exhibition presents a series of new paintings by Marilou Bal alongside an installation centred around the film Wild Filly Story (2020) by Josefin Arnell.




photo credits: Théo Eschenauer
graphic design: Tomas Digiovanni

This project is made possible thanks to the support of the city of Marseille, the ambassy of the Netherlands in France, and the republic of Geneva, Switzerland.

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