la clinique du queer

groupshow from Sept. 29th to Dec. 12th, 2020
at Maison Populaire, Montreuil (FR)

with Babi Badalov, Simon Brossard & Julie Villard, Gaëlle Choisne, Jude Crilly, Justin Fitzpatrick, La Gousse (Cécile Bouffard, Roxanne Maillet, Barbara Quintin), Paul Maheke, Raju Rage & Alpheratz, Julien Ribeiro, Bassem Saad, Eothen Stearn and Simon·e Thiébaut. In collaboration with Victorine Grataloup, HIGH HEAL, Tarek Lakhrissi, Les éditions douteuses & Rotolux Press.


la clinique du queer is a sobriquet : a name given by an elective family (a chosen family) to a house, after getting inspired from a leather shop in Marseille called La clinique du cuir. What was at first a rather tempting play on words became, over the years, a space for thoughts : which practices of solidarity, community, togetherness were hapenning in this house, hosting people who decided to make family amongst themselves, and informed by what considerations, beliefs, or politics? Reflecting on communal and social practices of care, la clinique du queer ambitions to reverse the stigma of the medical gaze over queer bodies, questioning the operations, reparations, that the numerous modalities of LGBTQI+ relational practices can perform on reality (past, present, and future alike). By metaphoricaly transposing his house into the art center, curator Thomas Conchou invites the audience to reflect on domestic practices and the many ways to make family at a time where “home”, post-covid, can no longer be thought to be the safe heaven it promised, spared from the systemic violences of the world.


photo credits: Aurélien Mole & Simon·e Thiébaut
graphic design: Roxanne Maillet

This project is made possible thanks to the curatorial residency of Maison populaire, with the support of Ministère de la Culture - DRAC Île-de-France, Conseil régional d’Île-de-France, Conseil départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Ville de Montreuil, CNC - Dicréam and Fluxus Art Projects.