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groupshow curated by Le Syndicat Magnifique
from September to November 2018
at Le Carreau du Temple, Paris (FR)

with Fatma Bucak, Gery Georgevia and Bassem Saad


Vidéobox takes over the gym lockers of the Carreau du Temple. Familiar with occupying unusual spaces within institutions for exhibition purposes (hallways, storage rooms, and now showers), the curatorial collective Le Syndicat Magnifique seeks to respond to the specificities of this space with an offbeat strategy. Initiating a critical foray here into cultural reception and the expectations associated with it, the collective invites three emerging video artists. These video works present differences in tone and form relating to the expectations surrounding the subjects and geographical areas they deal with (gravitas, documentary aesthetic, research). These regions (Bulgaria and the Balkans, the Turkish-Armenian border, and Lebanon) experiencing tensions and conflicts, imply a cultural bias on the part of Western audiences, which are thwarted here through  evasive tactics.



images courtesy of Carreau du Temple

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