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​Le Syndicat Magnifique is a collective curator founded in 2013 and based in and around Paris, composed of Carine Klonowski, Anna Frera, Victorine Grataloup and Thomas Conchou (right to left).

Working closely with artists, designers, researchers and poets alike, the collective centers its projects around emerging artists who grew up in between the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the digital turn, assembling contemporary art forms and practices through curatorial objects often thought as seducing yet critical atmospheres. Its theoretical concerns range from the voracity of images to communication networks, personal development and societal injonctions to performance, productivity, happiness, and political defiance.

Over the past seven years, Syndicat Magnifique has been invited by institutions, commercial galleries and project spaces to program and exhibit in various but often hilarious contexts : hallways, showers and changing rooms, former villas and underground clubs.

Anna Frera is gallery manager at High Art Paris, Victorine Grataloup is an independant curator and researcher, founder of the online plateform Qalqalah, and Carine Klonowski is an artist, editor and researcher, founder of sun7 editions. Picture by Aurélien Mole.

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